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Bilingual Art Nursery Room "Fairy Tale"
international preschool in Nakano-ku


Help them to grow their abilities to live!!

Fairy Tale provides you with

Child Care  
A safe and healthy environment

Language skill and global perspective

Creative and Imagination

as well as loving, individual needs to each child

Child Care
A safe and healthy environment
for children's well-being

One of the most important aspects of life is a healthy body and mind. The foundation of healthy body and mind is developed during the years
of early childhood. "Fairy Tale" provides a safe environment for each child through relationships of trust, love and close attention.
With us, your child can learn the five basic daily routines of "feeding, sleeping, toilet training, sanitation and changing clothes."
We have theme-based monthly curriculum based on age and growth created by certified, experienced child care experts.
In particular, we provide non-additive food for lunch with the support of "Patata" who specialize in organic food.
"Fairy Tale" also finds great value in connecting with the nature. Through playing outdoor, growing flowers and plants, and feeling close to the nature, children learn the importance of it.

Language skill and global perspective
through English immersion

At Fairy Tale, English is our main mode of communication. We only use Japanese when there is a necessity. Our aim is to develop children's
curiosity and expose them to the basic knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.
Our program incorporates cross-cultural experience to develop a well-rounded, global mindset. We introduce different cultures and customs to children by organizing both Japanese special traditions and
holidays as well as multicultural events observed around the world.

Art programs to develop creativity and imagination

Another important focus of "Fairy Tale" is for children to connect with "art." Simply enjoying Art such as music, painting, dance and so on,
stimulates your five senses and is the best for developing your child's creativity and imagination, and nourishing their emotional well-being.
To find and foster "individuality" and "talents" of each child, "Fairy Tale" offers art programs designed by professional artists working in various fields. We also invite artists to come and experience activities together.
Programs are available on specific days of the week. Your child can join them as a part of his/her regular day care or come to participate in a selected class.
Programs for moms are also available.