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New World International School


New World International School

At New World International School, we believe that children can learn when they are loved and encouraged in a safe, cozy and fun environment. Teachers treat each child as an individual with his or her individual personality and development style. Using a variety of styles of teaching, we will be able to cater to all learning styles and respect the differences in your child. Children who respect themselves and have good self-esteem will enjoy learning. Preschool program :2-3years old. Kindergarten Program :4-6years old.

TOPICS We have Summer courses. Cooking, Swimming,Craft, Music and many more fun activities all in English. Course A July 17-20th Course B July 23rd - 27th Course C July 30th - Aug. 3rd Course D Aug. 6th - 10th Course E Aug 13th - 17th Course F Sept. 3rd - 4th

School Information

School Name New World International School
Education Philosophy New World International School is a preschool/kindergarten with a strong focus on play, crafts and English communication.

Children learn best when they are loved and encouraged in a safe, fun environment and NWIS teachers treat each child as an individual with his or her own personality and development style. With its small, cozy décor, NWIS is a second home and family to its students and parents, offering many family events throughout the year including a Christmas Pageant, Sports Day, Family Day and more.

With a curriculum focused on how children view and experience the world, lessons and activities use music, chants, gestures and crafts to stimulate the auditory, visual and physical parts of all learners. Students are actively encouraged to do daily tasks themselves with the motto “Help me do it by myself”.

Teachers constantly praise students’ accomplishments to build their self-esteem and pride in learning.

English language development for children at NWIS is based on children’s natural ability to learn language. By structuring activities and play around a child’s natural desire to communicate, students become fluent in the same way they learn their first language.

With a strong focus on phonics, NWIS graduates read above their grade level and have successfully entered international elementary schools in Japan and/or overseas.
One of NWIS’ secrets to their students’ success is having parents get involved in their child’s learning.

Parents are encouraged to borrow books from the school’s library for reading time together at home. Lessons on phonics and English conversation are also offered to parents to help them create an English environment at home.

If you’re looking for a school devoted to your child’s physical, educational and emotional growth and one that welcomes you as an integral part of that growth, New World International is one worth exploring in your search.
Number of Staff(Teachers) 6(5)
Average Students per class 30 Age 2 years old~
Free Shuttle Service None Parking Area None
Address 1-24-38-101 Sengawa-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Access Details 5mins. from Sengawa Stn. Keio line
Contact Information TEL:03-3305-0573
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FAX:03-3305-0573 ( 8: 30 ~ 18 00 )

Corporate Information

Company Name New World International School
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