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Cambridge International School


At Cambridge International School our fully qualified teachers and staff provide quality educational programmes where students are engaged in real learning using task based activities that promote the use of authentic English. We do not engage in limited, memory based practices that produce artificial responses which is the norm at other schools. Rather, our content based learning encourages students to inquire more deeply into areas such as language arts, social studies, science and mathematics.
- All children, regardless of nationality, will have access to a safe, high quality program with knowledgeable and well-trained staff and educators.
- A wide variety of materials with which children can play and experiment
- Children make choices about the tasks and activities
- Each child`s interests and abilities considered in the teacher`s plans so that each child can experience success and joy in learning
- Interaction and communication during task activity to provide a meaningful, context based rationale;
- Children`s health, nutrition, and social well-being, in an environment that respects and supports diversity

Good learning Environment:
- Safe learning environment
- Emphasis on independence, freedom, and respect for a child`s natural psychological, physical, and social development.
- Children have freedom to explore and learn on their own
- Children are allowed time to enquire and develop naturally within a stimulating learning environment

Structure through Communication is key
- Children thus learn in a social plane through discussion and engagement
- Children engage in various activities in important content areas that allow for authentic communication
- Communication provides the rationale for the child`s observations and enables them to make connections
- Foster a critical awareness of the activities that the children are engaged in through communication
- Structure is provided in our classes by means of establishing important communication and rationale as the children enquire and discover
- Our classrooms also reflect a high level of interaction between children and teachers

School Information

School Name Cambridge International School
Education Philosophy Self-knowledge
Number of Staff(Teachers)
Average Students per class Age
Free Shuttle Service None Parking Area
Address Tokyo, Sakura Shinmachi 1-8-8 3F
Access Details
Contact Information TEL:03-6413-6450
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Corporate Information

Company Name Cambridge International School
Contact Info