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Trinity Mirai International School

Welcome to Trinity Mirai International School !
Our school is located in Kuzuha Osaka, with a 5 minutes walk from Keikyu Kuzuha Mall. In STEP classes, we provide an active and unique bilingual learning environment for your child. The children would mingle throughout the day and with the help of our English speaking and Japanese speaking staffs and teachers, we can provide your childe with a balance Japanese and English learning opportunity. Example of a day's schedule. 10:00~10:30 Club Time (in English) 10:30~11:00 Writing ( in English) 11:00~11:10 Morning Break (Toilet&Tea;) 11:10~11:40 Japanese Culture, Music and Craft. 11:40~12:20 Outside Playing Time 12:20~13:00 Lunch Time 13:00~13:20 Brush Teeth & Toilet 13:20~13:40 Japanese Time 13:40~14:00 Club Time (in English)