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【Place】Tokyo Minato

Tokyo International Kindercare

New Enrollment Promotion!
Special July Promotion! One Month Free Tuition! TIK is now offering a special promotion for the month of July. During the week of July 15th interested families are able to enroll their children at TIK for 2 free trial lessons. Then if interested in enrolling in the school full-time, then families who register by July 23rd will receive 1 month free tuition! As always, we also are currently open for school tours, rolling admissions, and free trial lessons. Please contact the school for more details!

【Place】Tokyo Meguro

Belgrave International & Kinder Garden Preschool In Meguro

At the best location in Meguro Station on foot 5 minutes, and learn formal English.
We practice putting on English naturally through study and playing.

【Place】Tokyo Chofu

New World International School

New World International School
At New World International School, we believe that children can learn when they are loved and encouraged in a safe, cozy and fun environment. Teachers treat each child as an individual with his or her individual personality and development style. Using a variety of styles of teaching, we will be able to cater to all learning styles and respect the differences in your child. Children who respect themselves and have good self-esteem will enjoy learning. Preschool program :2-3years old. Kindergarten Program :4-6years old.

【Place】Tokyo Adachi

Please compare with other child English-conversation schools! We are putting a lot of energy into early education!
We provide "Shikahama English Adventures" and it takes in its hand children themselves and learning. A child raises the posture which carries out experience study with its intention.

【Place】Tokyo Meguro

International Preschool from the age of 18 months
Welcome to Aoba-Japan International School Early Learning Center! Let us introduce the programs and events at Aoba-Japan International School(A-JIS) Early Learning Center. I hope this will help you become familiar with A-JIS. A-JIS Early Learning Center is a preschool located in Aobadai. The children at A-JIS study English and Japanese at advanced levels through our educational programs. In addition, it is our objective to teach our students skills that they will need in their school life. Our talented and passionate teaching staff strive to provide the best learning environment for our students. Our programs are structured to provide an advanced level of learning while taking into consideration individual capabilities and personal needs. The curriculum includes reading readiness, writing readiness, language development, math readiness, music, arts and crafts, abacus, swimming. There are also annual events such as the Halloween parade, Christmas concert, Bean-throwing ceremony(Mamemaki), spring concert, and field trips. A-JIS Early Learning Center is located in central Tokyo, and the children, who will grow up in a world that will continue to become more and more diverse, are sure to realize their full potential here.

【Place】Kanagawa Kanagawa

By using English, We can be understood each other as the people in the world. It is really wonderful. What will happen if there are no tool such a English? I think that English is a very useful tool. English is used for English conversation using an ear and a mouth. It is a "Skill." If it practices at the time of a child, it will sink in and remain into the body.                 Please visit our school I am waiting for your inquiry from the bottom of my heart. Child English conversation E kids Instructor staff all the persons concerned.

【Place】Tokyo Koto

Pre-school of Smile club
After establishing the after class, it turned out that a smaller child has earlier acquisition. 1 to 3 years old infancy are absorbency is amazing. The child of various countries learn in the preschool which started from April, 2006. in the environment without prejudice or discrimination,playing with the friend, and has mastered daily conversation in the shower of English from a lecturer. We provide curriculum which children learn English with enjoyment in the out side below the shine

【Place】Tokyo Ota

International School for kids living in Japan
Kinder Kids are a day care center, a kindergarten and an English school all combined, offering bilingual education, currently expanding all over Japan. English native speaking teacher and Japanese nursery teacher will be in charge of a small class and all the communication there is done in English. We provide programs for children to grow up with both Japanese heart and spirit and also global view by letting them to experience both Japanese traditional event and international culture. Please feel free to contact us for a school visit or further information.

【Place】Tokyo Kita

The KITZ talk was established in 1999 as first English school in Akabane to have a class of a time zone like the kindergarten in Japan.
We offer education with children's manners and high quality which was consistent with sociality. We are trying to make certainly the environment where children can speak natural English. For example,we set the rule of "not talking in Japanese." moreover, one class is set as eight or less persons so that warm instruction can be performed. The teacher of a rich experience is teaching four fields "hearing, talking, reading and writing" of language through free and systematic play and the fully planned lesson.

【Place】Tokyo Minato

St. Alban’s Nursery Programme for children aged 2 to 5 was founded in 1978. While the Nursery is one of the church’s many programs, the Nursery programme is non denominational and we welcome children from all religious backgrounds while encouraging respect and tolerance for all. Our aim is to provide purposeful and stimulating early childhood activities, which enhance each child’s growth and development. We believe that the early years are the most important time for exploration and discovery; that children need opportunities to create, play, make friends and learn whilst having fun. Our programme offers each child an atmosphere of warmth, understanding and a place to develop, both as an individual and as a part of a group. We know that your child is special! When you share that special person with us, you can be confident that he or she will be receiving the very best quality of care and attention.