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【Place】Kanagawa Kawasaki


【Place】Tokyo Meguro

Belgrave International & Kinder Garden Preschool In Meguro

At the best location in Meguro Station on foot 5 minutes, and learn formal English.
We practice putting on English naturally through study and playing.





【Place】Kanagawa Seya

It is RYO, so do.
Preschool is mainly a child-care facility for a 2-5-year-old small child in the United States. At this school, I look after the child during three days of weeks, and it lives in Americans' teacher and English. Children can go into the English world in everyday life, such as play, lunch, park play, and drawing and manual arts, and aims at bilingual training with about the same command of English as native.

【Place】Kanagawa Kanagawa

By using English, We can be understood each other as the people in the world. It is really wonderful. What will happen if there are no tool such a English? I think that English is a very useful tool. English is used for English conversation using an ear and a mouth. It is a "Skill." If it practices at the time of a child, it will sink in and remain into the body.                 Please visit our school I am waiting for your inquiry from the bottom of my heart. Child English conversation E kids Instructor staff all the persons concerned.

【Place】Tokyo Adachi

Please compare with other child English-conversation schools! We are putting a lot of energy into early education!
We provide "Shikahama English Adventures" and it takes in its hand children themselves and learning. A child raises the posture which carries out experience study with its intention.