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Assion Inc(Assion) pay careful attention to management of the peple those who use Preschool-navi(henceforth a "user")

■ The purpose of user's personal information
The purpose of using the user's information is as follows. It does not use more than the use purpose.

  • 1.A use registrant's personal authentication, and offer of the various services for members
  • 2.An offer of the inquirey,experience entrance application,offer of inquiry informaiton basd on the user's offer for advertising printing company, an organization (henceforth a "advertiser"), etc.,
  • 3.Temporary backup storage accompanying service operation of preschool Navi
  • 4.A notification of the application receptionist and successful candidate to various questionnaires, campaign, etc.
  • 5.Information distribution of the mail magazine,various information, etc,to the user who has agreed separately
  • 6.Interview to the user who ageeed separetely, connection of a quetionnaire request

■ About the address informaion kept for users
In preschool naavi, in order to transmit the message from a user I may keep the mail address information on except (mail address).

Preschool Navi uses address information only in order to transmit a message based on a user's request, and it manages it appropriately as personal information.

Registration, change, and deletion of address information are left to the user, and the change or deletion by the side of preschool Navi are not performed in principle. Those who wish change and deletion need to ask directly the user who transmitted the message. In addition, when a sender does not have an idea, please inform the reference of the following personal information management.

■ Optionality of personal information offer
You may not be recive the service when you do not input the each itmes which is needed

■ Offer to the third party of personal information
As a principal, Assion would not provide the personal information to third party without permisstion. We would provide the information only specifying an offer place and the contents of offer information with user's consent. However,However, in the following cases, it is a range which is not contrary to a related statute, and they may offer personal information without a user's consent.

  • 1.When a user judges that a disadvantage is exerted on a third party
  • 2.The case which really need to improve public health or a child health trainning, and the case which is difficult to get a pemission of user
  • 3.The case where those who accepted the organization of a country, a municipal corporation, or its trust need to cooperate to carrying out office work provided by a statute, the case where there is a possibility of exerting trouble on execution of the office work by obtaining the consent of the user
  • 4.The case when you are adked disclosure of personal information by the The organization which has the authority according to a court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, a bar association, a consumer affairs bureau, or these
  • 5.The case the user is able to be explicitly asked for the indication or offer to a third party
  • 6.When an indication or offer is permitted by the statute
  • 7.When a part or all of personal information handling business is entrusted within limits required for achievement for the purpose of use
  • 8.When the personal information is offered with succession of the enterprise for a merger and other reasons and is dealt with in the range of the purpose of using before succession

■The qualification about third party offer
In the following cases, Assion does not take any responsibility about acquisition of the personal information by a third party. If the case1,Please ask each company and organization directly about handling of the personal information in an advertiser

  • 1.When the user himself applies for request for information etc and clarify the personal information
  • 2.When the person has specified unexpectedly using the information inputted into preschool Navi
  • 3.When personal information was offered by the user and it is used at the external site linked from preschool Navi
  • 4.When the other user obtans the ID and Password wshic identify your personal information

    ■Attention in request for information, a reservation application, and inquiry use
    "Request for information", "experience reservation", and a "inquiry" of preschool Navi are the service in which Assion executes an advertiser's window by proxy.

    The personal information transmitted by this service is the purposes, such as data sending, E-mail transmission of various information, and various telephone contact, and each advertiser keeps it. Please ask each advertiser directly about handling of the personal information which each advertiser keeps. Moreover, Assion backup the information . In addition, various questionnaires may be sent to the direction of which you approved separately from Assion

    ■Outsourcing of personal information processing
    Assion may outsource to a part or all of personal information handling business. In addition, about handling of the personal information in a commission place, Assion takes responsibility.

    ■Use of the data which was statidtical worked
    Assion may create the statistical data so that an individual could not be specified based on the personal information which received offer. About the statistical data which cannot specify an individual, Assion shall be used that there is no restriction in any way.

    ■Change of personal information etc
    As a principle a user himself/herself shall restrict to the person and shall stop disclosure of the registered personal information, correction, deletion, a use stop, and offer to a third party. Please take the necessary procedure from the following about a concrete method.
    however, An indication of user may not be answered, when there is a possibility of exerting remarkable trouble on proper enforcement of the service operations of preschool Navi when there is a possibility of injuring the life of the person himself/herself or a third party, the body, and property, other rights and profits and other statutes will be broken.
    Moreover, when the stop (henceforth "a use stop etc.") of offer to a use stop and third party of the personal information concerned takes a large amount of expense, When it is difficult to perform other use stops etc., and a use stop etc. may not be answered when taking the measure which should be replaced with this required, in order to protect a user's right and profits.

    ■Accuracy of personal information
    Assion strives to carry out data processing of the offered personal information correctly. However, about the contents of the offered personal information being exact, and being the newest, a user shall take responsibility.

    ■Acquisition restrictions of subtlety personal information
    Acquisition of personal information including the contents which show Assion below is not performed in principle. However, it is not this limitation when a user provides himself.

    • 1.The matter about thought, a principle, and religion
    • 2.A race, lineage, permanent domicile (except for the information about whereabouts all prefectures), the body and mental disorder, penal record, the matter leading to the meeting discrimination of the other company
    • 3.A worker's right of organization, collective bargaining, and the matter clause about the act of other organization action
    • 4.The participation in a group demonstration act, use of the right of petition, and the matter concerning exercise of a political right
    • 5.Medical care and sex life

    ■About management of personal information
    Assion is striving for enforcement of suitable security countermeasures, in order to prevent loss of the personal information under the management, misuse, and change. Personal information is kept under the safe environment which ordinary users cannot access.

    ■About the acquisition and use of an action history which does not specify an individual
    Assion uses Cookie for protection of a user's privacy, improvement in convenience, advertising distribution, and acquisition of statistical data. Moreover, Assion may use technology, such as Cookie and JavaScript, and may acquire the action histories (URL, contents, the order of reference, etc. which were accessed) of the user in a site. However, no personal information is included in Cookie and an action history.

    ■In charge of personal information management
    The personal-information-management person in charge of preschool Navi is [Assion CTO, Inc.].

    Please contact the following, if you have a question etc. about handling of the personal information in preschool-navi

    Assion Inc. 
    03-6459-0903(Monday to friday11:00〜13:00、14:00〜19:00saturdaym, sunday excluded)
    ※The inquiry by e-mail can be performed from an "inquiry page" 。

    ■Change of a privacy policy
    The Assion shall change a privacy policy at any time except for the case where there are laws, such as a statute.

    Assion Inc.