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Preschool-Navi Survey result related preschoolin 2012

We announce The original survey result related preschool!!

・Parents do not care the pricing as long as the school has good reputation !?
・Do my child have to start studying English from 0 age!?
・Half of preschools in Japan is located in Tokyo area !?

To more detail:

Preschool special edition

2.Kids international group

1.Education policy

How many years would pass since the word globalization was used?
As for the theme to bring up a true "globalization" "citizen of the world", Kids International opened.
For the education of the true citizen of the world, Kids International make program thinking that what is important indaily life

Fundamental Philosophy(Dducation Policy:For the education of the true citizen of the world)

Global Awareness ?Consciousness as a member in the world ?
・The tolerant heart which accept differnt exitstance.
・The heart which is going to solve a problem in accordance with power

Self-Esteem know yourself and bring up the pride
・Respect your self and others
・Learn the importance of life

Communication make important the dialoge
・Learn English as a communication tool
・Make effort to tell own opinion with confidence

2.Feature of school

Enjoy and Learn in English
Kids international provide several class to enjoy learning English of earch level
Native Englsih speaker and billingal staff will provide education
【Feature of Kids internatnional】

*Commute syle* 
  You can choose one day in a week

*the abundant classes & a variegated program *
  According to a child's age and developmental stage, We are preparing various classes and programs. The event in connection with foreign culture and season is also many!
  We arrange class and program
  We have a lot of party and festival for each season!!

*Management of safety and a health side *
 The baby station owned by a group company (It is referring to the know-how of the child-care facility which received attestation and authorization from the local self-governing body.)

<---! 年度が24年度の為使用しない ■■■TOPICS■■■
平成22年度 PRESCHOOL 生徒募集中!!12月末までにプリスクールの申込手続きをされた方は、新年度4月分のお月謝が10%OFFに!お気軽にセンターまでお問い合わせください


Kids international

■ Kids international Nishikasai Center
MM Building 7F 6-10-12 Nishikasai Edogawa Tokyo

■ Kids international Gotanda Center
Pola 3Gotanda building B1 8-9-5 Nishigotanda Shinagawa Tokyo

■ Kidsinternational Himonya Center
T&A building 6F 5-2-5 Himonya Meguro Tokyo

■ Kids international Hikarigaoka
Nubelvirazyu hibari 2-8-27 Yatotyo Nishitokyo Tokyo

■ Kids international Tukuba center
32-7 Inarimae Tukuba Ibaraki

■ Kids international Makuhari Center
16 Street Ptios 2-9 Dase Mihamaku Chibashi Chibaken

■ Kids international Shirokanedai Center
kularu Shirokanedai 2F 3-16-8 Shirokanedai Minatoku