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Preschool-Navi Survey result related preschoolin 2012

We announce The original survey result related preschool!!

・Parents do not care the pricing as long as the school has good reputation !?
・Do my child have to start studying English from 0 age!?
・Half of preschools in Japan is located in Tokyo area !?

To more details: (Japanese only)

Special Preschools

1.Belgrave School in Megro



We nurture children's self-reliance, the pride, and the creativity and communitaion to become a global person

We make children feel "Learning at Belgrave is so much fun!"

【Kindergarten Educational Policy】
(※Kindergarten is only Hikarigaoka school)
1.Independent Learning
2.Creative Stimulation
3.Personality Development
4.Responsible Life Skills
5.Academic Growth

2.Feature of school

Good location!! 5minute from Megurostation on foot!! You can learn native english
Your child can learn native English.
We provide natural English education to child.

3.Parents voice:Ms.Inaba

■ From our school

Mr. Inaba entered a school in 2001 taking advantage of having obtained the inquiry from grand mother of the sister who watched the program of NHK deprived of this school. My daughter of the elder sister entered a school at the 3 years-old time of eight months, the two younger sisters also had a school entered continuously after that, and, now, three sisters have passed on good terms. English is loved and is enjoying all three weekly lessons very much.  

■ The cause of attending school

Voice of the grandmother who watched the program of NHK

■ Environment where it can go happily

A child is a process in which it grows up, and gets interested in nature and various things, and many something to do also comes out. For example, although the children who suggest "I would like to regard it as oneself mist" think many [ children ], watching figure skating, soccer, etc. on television, I think that there are few very much direct causes [ learning English ]. He was not interested in the children of my home learning English at the beginning at all. However, after carrying out the experience lesson for the first time by Belle Glave by the grandmother's voice or け, it came to have a big interest in English. That is, I think that nature and interest are what is produced while spending pleasant time, even if it starts somehow at first.

■ Children and parents now

Now, since English became favorite and the lesson is happily received each time so that he answers "It does not resign!!!" promptly.although attending school takes one-way 1 hour, I think that he would like to continue.

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