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What is Preschool-navi

1.What is Preschool-navi

.Let's spread preschool in the world

Preschool is"The institution which nurses using English" 」a lot of preschools can enter 2 years old provied educaton in Englihs、
The contents of program is reading, music,outside activitylunch,afternoon snack etc..

We found the "Preschool-navi" In order totell you the environment where English can be promptly studied to the child of Japan which is not avoided, through the Internet

2.Let's search school with condition

Let's search school with condition

You can search your nealy school from all prefectures and areas
Moreover, you can search from Expences or some features
You can find from Day nursery juxtaposition 、Enlish only、Entrance at anytime、high rate of foreign teacher、
Recommendation document available、Short term class、Near station.

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3.Let's search school from Ranking

Let's confirm the school from Ranking

In preschool Navi, a check can do a school in the order of new arrival, or order with much access.
The extension of own ranking and make it comparison from some diffent angles

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4.A nearby school is found also from a school list

Confirm the school which is located earch prefecture

It comes to understand Preschool at a glance according to all prefectures.

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5.Let's understand preschool more

Let's understand preschool more

Let's confirm when you find your school
1.Basic Information Outline (Introduction、TOPIC Information、Access Information)
2.Policy・Education Policy, About the view about preschool education, or an idea
3.Course Introduce the cours whic is prepared by each preschools
4.Event checks various events in calendar form through every year.
5.Staff Staff interveiw page
6.Parent's Interview Interview for parents whose child commute to school
7.Facility・Access About access and the equipment information on preschool
8.Album Preschool various activities and scenery can be checked in album form.

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