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For beginner

1.What is preschool?

What is Preschoool

Preschool is"The institution which nurses using English" 」a lot of preschools can enter 2 years old provied educaton in Englihs、
The contents of program is reading, music,outside activitylunch,afternoon snack etc..

Case1.Go to the kindergarten in Japan after preschool from 2 years old to 4 years old
⇒ It becomes positioning as preschool as a nursery.

Case2.Go to the International school afert preschool from 3 years old to 5 years old
⇒ It becomes positioning as preschool as a kindergarden.

Since there are various cases by the educational idea of a school, and a plan, when entering a school, it is often necessary to check.

9am to 1pm,2pm is a lot some schools have day care after the school

Entrance fee:10,000Yen~30,000Yen
Monthly fee:20,000Yen~80,000Yen

The fee will change by the number of time to commute
In addition, lunch cost, the event participation fees for every event holding, etc. start.
As a hole, international preschool is more higher than preschool

Most preschools are unauthorized, so the expense are higher compare to the authorized one

2.Why should your childe start studying English?

1.English is an official language in the world

Now, English is not too much to say the common language in the world.
English is materialized as a lingua franca in the world not only in all international conferences but in the world of business.
Probably in the official language ranking in the world, English is the 1st place for 1,400 million people, and the importance will increase increasingly from now on also.

English as an examination subject of a junior high school, a high school, and a university.

Furthermore, it is assumed that the tendency is further formed into youth age by aging 2011 and English being compulsory-education-ized at an elementary school.

<Official language TOP10 of the world >(Million)
1.English (1,400)
3.Hindy (700)
4.Spanish (280)
5.Russian (270)
6.French (220)
7.Arebian (170)
8.Portuguese (160)


2.The critical period which studies English

Do you know the word critical period which the time of man studying?

【Critical period】

Time of the limit that study of a certain action which passes over the time stops materializing in a development process.
The following table is indicated to be a critical period in language acquisition.

Pronunciation will be 5 years old and grammar will be 8 years old, 100% of skill level (critical period) will be reached.
It is said that acquisition becomes difficult after that.

It is likely to have influence after that with big coming into contact with English with a native language among 2 to 4 years old which progresses quickly especially in an ear. 。
Preschool have an opportunity to come into contact with English automatically by the program which utilized music and gymnastics is obtained.

Reference:P203Uchinoko eigo perepera ni narerukana?


3.What kind of teacher would teach your child?

What kind of teacher would teach your child?

The preschool teacher is constituted by Japanese and the foreigner in many cases.
Those who have the experience which the teacher taught in the nursery school and the kindergarten, and were also teaching the foreign teacher at their own country in many cases. 。
In most schools, One teacher for three to four student is common. It is taken small number of people system in consideration of the safe

You can avoid mismuch fo school, when you check not only school policy but also the affection for education

To more detail School Ranking

4.How can I choose preschool?

How can I choose preschool?

1.Let's choose your school from Preschool-navi TOP

You can choose the school from"Area search" "category serch" "School list" "Ranking"on the TOP page

2.Let's read detailed information carefully.

You can see"School policy" "Course" "Ivent information" "Staff information" "Parent's interview" "Alubum" on eaech school page.Since preschool Navi is created by original coverage, the information published is offered with confidence. Please see information and judge whether it is a school suitable for sending one's child.

3.Make contact with school

You can apply"Inquiry" "Experience school" after checkin the school detail
You can apply for one lump by adding the school to "Add to school list"

4.Visit the school
If it can narrow down to several schools, let's actually visit and see to a school.
You may ask interview the teacher who is teaching