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Belgrave International & Kinder Garden Preschool

― Belgrave International & Kinder Garden Preschool

It is located in the good location of on foot 3 minutes from Meguro Station. It has passionate members of a teacher, and the substantial curriculum, so that it spreads in the word-of-mouth communication by a teacher's charm. In addition to an original curriculum, training by teachers is also carried out. The design of a craft, etc. are unique and the work which supports the child of rich imagination.

Address:Meguro Shimomeguro Tokyo(Meguro School) URL:
    Table of Contents
  • Passion of three policies and teachers passion
  • Turn to the further leap.
  • Only preschool Navi! It is charmed by the president's charm.
  • Track record of 90-percent entrance! Preschool Navi for which education-minded mother gathers.

■ Passion of three policies and teachers passion

― Please let me know about the circumstances which had the school managed.
My husband was a consultant and was the position to coach the business manager. Since there was also an opportunity using English at work, in order for Japanese people to have been able to master English, he felt the necessity of the education in an early stage. At then, the turning point from which the busband became 60 years old, The school was made from the thought "some philanthropy can be performed." Although it was about 20 persons at the first time, it is the reputation of the teacher of the excellent Australia native, and the end of a year came about 100 persons. Then, We added two teachers and ask their instruction. Education technique Since the education style was differed from Japan, I did not concern them and let them make the3 program. Then, They had made a wonderful program it made me surprised for children's progress and the way of learning English. It made the parents also surprised. After that, our shool had spreaded by word of mouth. When we are saying whether it will advance also to Meguro favorably,the husband passed away and I thought we would not continue the school anymore./ However, since the husband told me to contiue the school, We have been managing for 8 years.There are three policies currently performed without changing from the beginning. A teacher needs to be a female native, Do not offer the expensive materials, a monthly payment system. Therefore, the sutudent can resign the schoool per month. Since the teacher has selected carefully and, they like a child and they are only the teacher who has passion in teaching.

■ Turn to the further leap.

―Please let me know the view of a future school.
It is stabilizing the management of a kindergarten begun three years ago. One day a parent whose child graduate for preschool told me that "I want you to open a kindergarten" At first, My image of kindergarden is to have large space and there are a garden, and a swing and a launching platform. so I felt the difficulity. However, I was overrrided by the parents and the kindergarten had been managed from three years before. We have been struggling for 3 years acutally. However, becauase of veteran's teacher wonderful demonstrate skill. It carried out and has got off the ground at last.

■ Only preschool Navi! It is charmed by the president's charm.

―Please let me know the cause which got to know preschool Navi.
It is the cause which telephoned from Mr. Kinoshita (President Assion) It was in the position in which I also lose a husband those days and take over the management of a school. The cause sympathized with the figure which challenges even by the younger same age as my son resigning a major company.

―Have you compared with other sites?
Although I have obtained talk from various sites after that, I refuse all and am allowed to do only by Preschool-navi.

■Track record of 90-percent entrance! Preschool Navi for which education-minded mother gathers.

―What kind of advertisement campaign was carried out ?
We put advertisement on the newspaper only once. or community newspaper. Because the master disliked the advertisement and he was those who do not spend money. Then, although an advertisement campaign was hardly carried out, since the teacher was very excellent and attractive, it spread by word of mouth.2 or 3 years after foundation, There was an opportunity to be carried out an advertisement campaign on the Internet. Since there was no English-conversation school begun from 2 years old not much, it was taken up by mass media and the big effect was able to be acquired those days.

―Please let me know the change after use for Preschool-navi.
The parent who looked at preschool Navi is only very education-minded people in the good taste. It gives the impression of the wise mother who considers the child's future earnestly. After seeing various preschool sites and having preschool Navi chosen, the parent can accept a child in comfort.

―Was there any other special change?
Well, every parents to come our school are satified and 90 percent entered our school.

―Is there any demand to Preschool-navi?
Preschool Navi has a conscientious criterion of judgment, and that the point to attract mother who has high viewpoint of education.I would like to trust it extensively and to continue to need your help. Ms.Matuki, Thank you for the interview!!

※ Coverage time March, 2011
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