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― About shikahama English adventures

it is located in a place which is called Shikahama, Adachi-ku and with which a parents can deposit a child in comfort The policy is"Production of environment which it not only guides English on a desk, but make children come to learn English and it is sunk in the body automatically. " The school which has the reliance currently managed ten years. at the place for on foot about 5 minutes, and it practices "English is made to permeate the body" through play.
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    Table of contents
  • The stance which teaches English is established
  • The point to learn English is early education
  • Only 2 peson for!?Fond the difficulities of advertisement
  • The most sense of closeness! It is the best for making the environment which can be advertized
  • Request for information increased rapidly! I want you to activate the industry

■ The stance which teaches English is established.

― Please tell the circumstances where the school was founded, and by what kind of thought a school is managed.
It thought only of the English-conversation school at the beginning. However, from experience in which I studied English to school days, when it was an English-conversation school, I felt the question for the time to touch English was very short. For example, per week, time to come into contact with English can not touch the other time into English, when only 1 time is 90-minute English. It is hard to learn in case of such environment. Then, I felt that after all, children can not be able to speak English. and many people also felt. Then, I asked teachers that if it looks after and teaches a child for a long time and they agreed my opinion. it is beginning to have done the school.if children do not not touch English from usually, they will forget it.

As a result, communication of a child and a teacher can be smoothly taken now. it became a thing which is a reason that children also study much. We can build a good relation mutually and is easy to pass the atmosphere in a classroom since it carries out and an intention is transmitted.

■ The point to learn English is early education

― How was the management for last 10 years?
It was variously. When a lesson was advanced by the educational method, there was also resistance from the mother. An inner school has many Japanese people at a rate of about 10%. Therefore, a parent-and-child excursion, an athletic meet, pounding steamed rice, etc. were performed like the nursery school in Japan. ― How many students do you have now? there are 39 students from 2 to 5 years old I fond that Since 2-year-old children are recognized by the category "language" to English by that there is no resistance in it to English. However, if it becomes aged 3 and over, the consciousness established as language will bud. Therefore, going preschool is important for early time.

■ Only 2 peson for!?Fond the difficulities of advertisement

― How did you correct the sutdents?
When the Internet had not spread yet, I have been indebted to paper media, such as a "English catalog" etc. of a certain company. We were trying to gather 20 or 25 students at the beginning. Although posting etc. were temporarily done, as it takes out 200,000 and was called 2 affairs, the effect was seldom able to be expected. To take children to the park was most effective. The figure which plays while speaking English becomes advertisement and promotion. Then, since the the spread of the Internet, I came to think that this must be followed.

― When, How did you know the Preschool-navi?
It is not clear whether it was carried out from me the person in charge of Preschool-navi. I think that it reached by the search engine at first.

■ The most sense of closeness! It is the best for making the environment which can be advertized

― How was the impression of using Preschool-navi
there is no site which searches preschool not much. We use Preschool-navi and two more sites I felt sense of closeness the most for Preschool-navi! It is pleasing that contents are also easy-to-use. It is better if this becomes no charge!!

― Have you compared to other sites
Not so much.Although the school is managed for ten years, advertisement media are seldom increasing in number. Even if it strikes an advertisement, it can not reach the parents. Although I have had you put on the magazine of a paper medium several times, it is very gladder the environment that the parents can always search by Preschool- navi on the Internet can be made.

■ Request for information increased rapidly! I want you to activate the industry

― Well. Then, I think that an echo can be obtained if the contents in this site are updated periodically.
that is right. When contents were enriched, request for information increased rapidly. If it can have somehow from there to experience entrance, it is the best. Therefore, I think that it must influence also here. In inside, the blog other than Preschool-navi is made these days and uniquely. Then, I fond the mother will feel easy, saying "Whether oh, this school is doing such a thing as a subject", and having felt will get it, if the information on a school is disclosed obediently. If the atmosphere of a school is known, the mother will also feel easy.

― Please let me know the future expectation for preschool Navi, and demand.
I want you to make relation with the other schools.Although the preschool number is increasing, some schools are decreasing on the other hand. Since economy has fallen, it is difficult to raise a profit.Therefore, I want you to gather some Schools published at Preschool- navi, and to hold an exchange meeting etc. I want you to prepare the opportunity of information exchange. When some problems arise,such as correspondence to parents. We can help each other. Then, I think that it leads to activation of the whole industry.

Mr. Shikahama, Thank you for the interview!!

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