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― About Children’s English School KIDS TALK

It takes five minute on food to get there from the Akabane station. The school provide not only English eduvcation but also "manner" and "Music" About music They hold a street concert in Ikebukuro. ofcourse, They put powet in study. Ms.Nagasaki of school owner told "We offer the Oxford leading tree as main programs which were took the initiative and adopted this system in Japan". The characteristic learning system is also taken in. Address:Sanshin Building 1F・2F Akabane minami Kita  URL:
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  • From the teacher of a kindergarten to a floatation!?What a thing the patents are looking for?
  • It is earnest although he enjoys himself!Improvement in command of English at music.
  • Reality of a severe advertisement. A reliance to Preschool-navi.
  • I had a school entered!

■ From the teacher of a kindergarten to a floatation!?What a thing the patents are looking for?

― Please let me know the circumstances which had the school managed.
It was teacher of the kindergarten at first. When the kindergarten i left the my job, it is a cause that the president of the English conversation invite me. Although the reason for being interesting at the beginning, at least four years and a half will work there. Then,I met Ms. Clare, the British woman who is the present business partner, and we could built friendship. It came to bear a question against the educational concept of the school at a certain time. Moreover, although I did not have a request of me accepted very much, when it proposed that a class would be carried out tenaciously in the morning, I received "make from a plan and do by yourself", had a chance to do what i want to. It could succeed as a result. However, the questions over a school were remaining I made a decision to make own school with with Ms. Clare 12 years ago. It is the circumstances where that they were 4 or 5 persons spread by word of mouth from the single house at first, repeated the move several times, and it advanced to the present place five years ago.

■ It is earnest although he enjoys himself!Improvement in command of English at music

― What are the parents looking for the school?
The improvement in command of English is natural. In addition, there is a view which this school has. It is"one's things able to be made to carry out oneself."regardless of age. And manners are put into practice. For example, even if a certain child finishes eating lunch early, I keep him waiting in a seat until finish the whole lunch. and he asks a teacher, "may I separate from a seat?", and the teacher says "certainly" I think because such a policy was acknowledged by the parents,it is the thing parents are seeking

― Please tell me the detail about music education in English
According to a curriculum, a musical script is distributed to the beginning of every month We gathers all together after free play of every morning, and a teacher sings all together according to playing the guitar. Musical instruments, such as maraca and a triangle, are also used. If it does so, of course, the pronunciation of rhythmic sense will become very beautiful. A street concert will be held in Ikebukuro on May 22 again, and the event which collects a contribution for northeastern people currently troubled by the East Japan big earthquake.They are skillful as it. I would ask Preschool-navi

■ Reality of a severe advertisement,A reliance to Preschool-navi

― What kind of advertisement was carried out before using Preschool-navi?
Once, i did posting and put our school information on a magazine. However, I could not get the result. Although I pot on a publication for the magazine into which the more famous one is edited, using after for about 60,000 yen, there was almost no reaction too. 一度折り込みをしましたが、効果なしです(笑)あとは、地域の雑誌で、おいしいお店やスクール特集を組んでいるものがあって、それに2回載せました。結果的に1人来たくらいでしたね。その他ですと、某雑誌から、スクールの情報を載せたいということでインタビューの依頼を受けたこともあります。でも、これも効果はなかったですけどね。(笑)  And advertisement and promotion are not done.

― How did you know Preschool-navi
The staff found and began. In fact, since he had left most to advertisement, I was seldom involving. Since it is what the staff who trusts Preschool-navi,I also trust it.

■ I had a school entered!

― How was the first impression of Preschool-navi?
The page which introduces this school on Preschool-navi was an agreeable impression. And it is rather difficult for me to create HP only itself to have many people see. Therefore, it is glad that I can obtain the opportunity which I have HP of this school introduced on Preschool-navi, and let many people know our site

― Please let me know the result after being used.
I had a school entered from introduction of preschool Navi. Thank you. Although it was closed under the influence of an East Japan big earthquake, does it mean entering a school within two months after using the charged plan. The result has come out concretely.

― Was there any good point of Preschool-navi?
Feelings do not boil yet. I'm sorry,since it has just still begun to use. I am looking forward to future result Ms. Nagawaki, Thank you for the iterview!!

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