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Smile club

― About Smile club

Smile club is located in Sumiyoshi station at Koutou erea, it takes five minute on foot.From the experience of Ms.Yamashita who is school-owner and had sent her child to the international school,you can see various creativity For example, provide lunch box, suppor child hear using the skill of qualification (NLP U.S. authorization mental counselor)、 This school is the impressive school of considering children's thing carefully in the approach different from other schools.

Address:1-17-20 Sumiyoshi building Sumiyoshi Kotoku Tokyo URL:

Table of contents

  • A cause is from child-rearing! The difficulty of communication is realized.
  • Smile club style! A mental care and a love of teacher
  • To more people! The reason which uses preschool Navi
  • New function! In order to use preschool Navi closer

■ A cause is from child-rearing! The difficulty of communication is realized.

― Please tell me the reason to start managing the school
I have three children. The eldest son was sent to the kindergarten of the metropolitan area international school. After the eldest son graduated from the school, I looked for the place which can study English in a friend and a group. Although the private teacher was found, classroom which can do a group lesson was not found. Then, i came up with the idea to use the warehouse of a its company building. The warehouse of the building was modified for a while and the small classroom was built after finding the teacher. Although it was started from only 10 children, the number of sutudents had been increased because of word of mouth. afuter two years, the number had increased and the place's becoming narrow in a warehouse. We looked for the new buling. It is the school now in Sumiyoshi.I think that there was no existence of a schoolwithout my children.

― Is there any difficulities to manage the school
It is to build good relatioship with teacher and parents in different nationalities It made me to think that various senses of values and views is different from each countries and culture.

■ Smile club style! A mental care and a love of teacher

― Please tell me the mental care support which is original service of your school
The thing i felt after the management is that they have several reasons to let children study English depeding on the nationality and culture although we are in a same class. I aimed at the good classroom which is suitable for the needs that it can respond to any directions, and teamwork. However, since it stumbles over various walls at the beginning of opening a school, because of a position of a qualification holder (U.S. authorization NLP mental counselor), i could notice the problem of children's heart now early [ nearby ] by advising on the parent who worries about instruction and child-rearing to lecturers, or a course. Although English acquisition is the first purpose, the care of the heart is most important as a human.

― I think this is the reason of increasing the number of student
Well,I can advise from the experience to have two children. It might be a good reason And it is a system of the charge system which is also the first popularity. Lecturers have and take charge of each class responsibility. Some teachers has still been continuing from the time of opening a school. When i choose a teacher, an interview point is affectionate to children, Since it is a classroom focused on humanity, it is also a major factor that the good confidential relation can be built with teachers. I would ask about Preschool-navi

■ To more people! The reason which uses preschool Navi

― What kind of advertisement carried out before using Preschool-navi?
The teacher made the original homepage. I wanted to see to many people, and was finding the way to be searched on the higher rank of a site. Then, we finally found Preschool-navi. I thought that it probably can attract a lot of people which are interested preschool I decided to ask you for printing.

― What is the cause which got to know Preschool-navi
It had not carried out in particular. Advertisement and promotion because we do not have a huge amount of expenses. Since it was not a famous school of the major company, it was considered how a school would be managed without spending money. Almost all people are word-of-mouth communication from the beginning. I was realized the influence of word of mouth.

― What was the first impression of Preschool-navi
There was also that the school of franchise and the famous school have published and the smile club also came seemingly to be a school itself.

― Was it any change after using Preschool-navi?
The inquiry increased. However, since it was called the request for information only in e-mail in many cases, I want more children to come and fell Smile club.

■ New function! In order to use preschool Navi closer

― Was it compared with the other company?
No, only Preschool-navi we use.

― Is there any function I want something to add?
I think that it will become more convenient to add pick-up time, time to keep, on the school searching page. Moreover, since I consider that foreigners are looked for in many cases, if there is an English page, I will think that it is still better. Ms. Yamashita, Thank you for the interview!!!

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