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Preschool-navi advertidement

Features of Preschool-navi

Preschool-nabi is the N0.1 portalsite in Japan. Around 400 schoools put information, we have original contents of child English educatino
It is widely supported by the parent to let thiet child study English from now on.

Abount content for posting only for paid clients

 ・1)It is preferentially expressed as a school search list.
 ・2)All posting page will be availableYou can approach to more parents
   ・Basic information
   ・School Policy
   ・Parents Interview
   ・Facility, Access
 ・3)The member will be introduced preferentially by media, such as Ameblo and Facebook.

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School Interview

Smile club


Shikahama English Adventures様

Belgrabe English School

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